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An Industry-First

Introducing 20-Year Warranty on Digital Inverter Compressors and Motors in Home Appliances

Samsung is the first brand to guarantee a 20-year warranty on Digital Inverter compressors and motors,Offering total peace of mind to consumers by making Digital Inverter powered refrigerators, washing machines and dryers more durable and sustainable

Digital Inverter Technology is an essential core component of the appliances they power. Backed by more than 25 years of R&D, Samsung DIT innovations impact everything from energy efficiency to performance and the durability of major appliances such as refrigerators, and washing machines As such, protecting the integrity of this core component with a 20-year warranty extends the use period of appliances, offers peace of mind for users through reliability and reduces environmental waste.

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Long-lasting and efficient compressor

Long-lasting and
efficient compressor

Digital Inverter Compressor with 20 year warranty

Digital Inverter Compressors available on Samsung refrigerators intelligently vary their power and running speed to match the immediate cooling requirement of the compressor, delivering up to 40 percent more energy efficiency than conventional technology.

*20 year warranty is limited to the compressor only.

Long-lasting and efficient motor

Long-lasting and
efficient motor

20-year warranty on the motor

In washing machines and dryers, Digital Inverter Motors eliminate the use of brushes that wear out, offering long-lasting performance and quiet operation.

*As of Dec. 2022. The 20 year parts warranty is only applicable to the inverter motor.