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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 16 GB Wi-Fi

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 16 GB Wi-Fi

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Ergonomic Design
Curved edges create a soft, modern look. Fused with a nonslip backing, this sophisticated frame is comfortable to grip and practical for everyday use.

Extended Battery Capacity
A powerful 4,000mAh battery enables you to seamlessly work on business tasks on your tablet for even longer.

Increased Storage Space
Equipped with a 200GB microSD card slot, the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 7.0) provides storage expansion and secure voice calls using microSD- based security solutions. With 1.5GB RAM & 8GB ROM memory, you have ample room for work tasks, documents, and business reports and can enjoy better multitasking.

High-performance Camera
Maximise work efficiency with a powerful camera. Quick AF and high-resolution deliver you faster QR code and barcode recognition. Sync inventory or payment management programs and manage data with incredible ease.

Customisable Device Management
Knox Standard SDK support lets you customise configuration and restrict APIs. Connect to Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms to manage device functions. Compatible with 120+ MDM solutions and 600+ policies.

High-quality Management and Services
With Samsung’s in-house manufacturing and rigid product management services, you can enjoy top-quality assistance at authorized service centers worldwide.

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