Samsung Chef Collection NV9900 -kiertoilmauuni Wi-Fi-ohjauksella

Samsung Chef Collection NV9900 -kiertoilmauuni Wi-Fi-ohjauksella

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  • 73 L Usable Capacity
  • A+ Energiatehokkuusluokka
  • 1800 W Convection
  • 595 x 595 x 566 mm Outside (WxHxD)

Professional taste and texture
Gourmet Vapour Technology optimizes the taste and texture of your food by surrounding it with vapour that quickly and evenly transfers heat and moisture, resulting in food that’s deliciously crispy outside, but soft and juicy inside.

Full touch controls
A 4.6" Full touch TFT-LCD control panel makes cooking much simpler and easier. You can intuitively select and control functions and settings—such as the cooking mode, temperature and time— with a simple touch of your finger.

Wi-Fi cooking control
Built-in Wi-Fi capabilities let you remotely monitor and control your Oven using just an app*. Easily adjust settings, receive notifications and download recipes by chefs with Michelin 3-star restaurants—all from your smartphone. * Available on iPhones and Android devices. A network connection is required.

Pre-programmed recipes
With Auto Cook’s 80 delicious pre-set recipes, you’ll never have to hunt for recipes again. Simply select one and you’ll be provided with instructions on the LCD control panel, including the optimal oven setting for perfect results.

Silent Soft Closing Door
The Soft Closing Door smoothly and gently opens and closes with minimal noise. The door’s hinge helps it to slowly come to a stop safely, giving you complete peace of mind

Cook meat perfectly
A Meat Probe allows you to monitor the internal food temperature without any guesswork by clearly indicating when meat is thoroughly cooked, all without opening the oven door and releasing heat.

Consistent temperature control
Consistent oven heat is essential for perfectly cooked meals. The Temperature Control feature maintains an extremely precise temperature with little fluctuation, so your dishes are cooked exactly how you want–every time.


  • Oven Type: 1 tuuletin + kiertoilma (vesihöyry)
  • Door Type: Alaspäin aukeava
  • Oven Door Glass: Neljä
  • Soft Closing Door: Kyllä
  • Näytön tyyppi: 4,6" LCD-kosketusnäyttö
  • Cavity Material: Emali
  • Control Method: TFT LCD -kosketusnäyttö
  • Upper Grill (In/Out): 1600 / 1100 W
  • Lower Grill: 1100 W
  • Single Mode (Top Heat + Convection): Kyllä
  • Single Mode (Large Grill): Kyllä
  • Single Mode (Small Grill): Kyllä
  • Single Mode (Eco Grill): Kyllä
  • Single Mode (Bottom + Convection): Kyllä
  • Convection: 1800 W
  • Cleaning Method: Pyrolyysi / höyry
  • Steam Clean: Kyllä
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Kyllä
  • Auto Programs: 80
  • Child Safety Lock: Kyllä
  • Clock: Kyllä
  • Cook Timer: Kyllä
  • End Timer: Kyllä
  • Language Option: Kyllä
  • Interior Lamp: 1 x 40 W (halogeeni)
  • Interior Light (Position): Ylä
  • Light (Lamp) On/Off: Kyllä
  • Usable Capacity: 73 L
  • Cutout (WxHxD): 560 x 572 x 545 mm
  • Outside (WxHxD): 595 x 595 x 566 mm
  • Shipping (WxHxD): 682 x 656 x 645 mm
  • Paino (netto): 45,9 kg
  • Weight (Gross): 48,6 kg
  • Square Baking Tray: 2
  • Square Wire Rack: 2
  • Telescopic Rack: 1 Level
  • Meat Probe: Kyllä
  • Cook Book: Kyllä
  • Energiatehokkuusluokka: A+
  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Single): 30 ~ 275 (grilli 100 ~ 300)