AR24KC3HATRNNA NEO Inverter Split AC with Starflower Pattern 5.0KW (1.5TR)

AR24KC3HATRNNA NEO Inverter Split AC with Starflower Pattern 5.0KW (1.5TR)


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    Samsung AR24KC3HATRNNA Split AC Price

    DURAFIN™ enhances the heat exchanger's performance and has more corrosion resistance. It's made of a much denser material and thicker in design, and has an improved coating which enables more heat transfer.*

    5 year warranty

    Samsung AR24KC3HATRNNA Split AC Price Online

    The new Samsung Room air conditioner range comes with 5 year warranty on Multi Jet Plus condensers.

    Triple Protector Plus

    Samsung AR24KC3HATRNNA Split AC Online

    Inbuilt Stabiliser#
    The In-built Stabiliser feature protects AC against sudden voltage surge or drop. It also improves the look of your home since one doesn't need to install a seperate stabiliser. #Available on entire range excluding 2 Star ACs. Voltage range 146 to 290 V. Voltage range varies from model to model. Stabiliser will cut of the electric input once voltage surges/drops beyond range, and will auto start the AC once voltage comes in the above mentioned range.

    Compressor protector
    Samsung's distinctive compressor protector prevents compressor from being overloaded by unstable electricity circumstances. * Based on internal lab test results conducted on AR18KV5HBTR.

    Controller protector
    Samsung's advanced controller adjusts to avoid breakdowns from voltage surge. This special technology withstands power fluctuations from 80 V to 450 V. * Based on internal lab test results conducted on AR18KV5HBTR.

    Fin & Chassis protector
    Anti-corrosion fin condenser and MJT Plus are designed with strong corrosion-resistant material to protect itself from rusting. This fin strongly protects the condenser from corrosion to give you cool and clean air without worries of being worn. * Based on internal lab test results conducted on AR18KV5HBTR.

    Mutijet Plus technology

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    The new Samsung Room air conditioner range comes with Multi jet plus technology. In order to make our condensers more strong and sturdy, the thickness has been increased by 36% as compared to previous condensers. The latest technology of Multijet Plus condensers due to its enlarged heat exchange surface cools 30% faster and gives 20% more energy saving.

    Inimitable Design in Colour and Style

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    The elabourately designed Samsung's new air conditioner is a perfect solution for your stylish and modern living room. We guarantee to support your stylish life with peerless beauty of the new air conditioner. Even in severe weather, the air conditioner delivers pleasant cooling all day long in splendid white.

    Allergan Filter

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    Restrains allergen by decomposing protein causing allergy. Form: - Felt type which is treated anti-allergen chemicals Performance: - Absorbing allergen substance by using enzyme - Deactivating allergen substance through decomposing protein type by enzyme effect on surface . Deactivation % of Mite allergen antigen (rDerf II): 83.1% . Deactivation % of Cedar Pollen antigen (Cry j 1): 40.0%

    Ensure perfect Installation-Smart Installation

    Samsung  AR24KC3HATRNNA Split AC Price in India

    Get the confidence that your AC is perfectly Installed. With smart installation feature you can now enjoy complete peace of mind as the feature allows you to automatically check if the installation has been carried out perfectly by the installation team. The feature at a press of button allows IDU and ODU to perform a self check and revert, if any, possible chances of any installation error. The self check take approx 7 to 13 minutes and if no error then number 99 appears on the digital display screen..

    Good Sleep


    Missing out on a good night's sleep can mean bad news for your day. That's why Samsung's Good Sleep feature creates an ideally comfortable climate in your bedroom. With a precise temperature control system and automatic moisture adjustment, all three vital stages of your sleep is protected from humidity and heat so you wake up fully refreshed and ready to take on a new day. Good Sleep not only saves you precious minutes and hours of potentially lost sleep, it also saves up to 36% in energy consumption compared to the normal cooling mode.

    Auto Clean

    Samsung AR24KC3HATRNNA Split AC Features

    You might not know it, but an air conditioner can produce mold and spread germs. That's because the difference between internal and external air temperatures causes moisture to form inside the unit?and moisture equals bacteria. Our solution? Samsung air conditioners feature auto cleaning, which automatically runs the fan even after you turn it off, keeping everything dry and odor-free while preventing germs from spreading.


    Samsung AR24KC3HATRNNA Split AC Configuration

    Samsung's new air conditioner would not allow your place stay damp and muggy. Samsung's new air conditioner is the most appropriate choice to remove excess moisture from your environment. No need to empty a water bucket for sure!

    Turbo Cooling

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    Samsung's new air conditioner operates in its maximum speed in Turbo mode to quickly reach the set temperature. Cool down your space instantly with Samsung's Turbo Cooling technology.

    Anti Bacteria Coating

    Samsung AR24KC3HATRNNA Split AC Price online in India

    Due to the anti-bacteria coating's unique structure, this filter can collect tiny dust particles and viruses you cannot even see. Enjoy complete protection from unwanted bacteria so you breathe cleaner, fresher air.


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