RS58K6417SL SBS with Digital Inverter Technology

RS58K6417SL SBS with Digital Inverter Technology


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    Optimal humidity care for food

    Twin Cooling Plus™ cools the fridge and freezer compartments separately. Independent evaporators and cooling systems ensure the optimal environment, with high humidity and no mixing of odors, so food stays fresher.

    Precisely maintains freshness

    To keep food fresh for longer Precise Chef Cooling technology minimises any temperature fluctuation to within just ±0.5°C* by frequently sensing changes and then precisely controlling the operation of the compressor.

    Harmoniously colourful styling

    A premium design brings refined elegance to any modern kitchen with a choice of trendy colours, such as Starry Gold. And its counter-depth design doesn’t stick out or need any special installation.

    More space to store more food

    Has a very spacious interior with a huge 620 liter capacity. There’s plenty of room to store your weekly groceries and it’s much easier to keep everything neatly organised, so you can quickly find things you need.

    Keeps air hygienically clean

    Active Fresh Keeper keeps the fridge clean and hygienic. Air is passed through an Activated Carbon filter, so it is constantly deodorized, while an anti-bacterial mesh eliminates bacteria.

    Slimmer lighting, softer light

    All new LED lighting is slimmer, softer and more energy efficient. It creates more fridge space, but brilliantly illuminates every corner with brighter and softer lighting, while saving money on electricity bills.


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