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Working from home is a privilege for those who can do their jobs independent of location. That’s not to say that remote work doesn’t come with its own challenges. So, how do you set yourself up for success?

Work life Balance

Schedule working hours and personal hours, then enforce them just like your boss would.

Work from home


Replicate your office space at home

Work is where your monitor is. Enhance your productivity with the all new Galaxy Book S and a great range of stylish screens that are perfect for your home office.

Be mobile and able

You’ll need a device that’s powerful enough to recreate your in-office productivity. Hook up your Galaxy S20 to a tool like Samsung DeX*, which brings you a desktop experience powered by your phone.

*Requires compatible monitor PC or Mac computer, keyboard, mouse and USB-C to HDMI cable, sold separately. Requires download of app and internet connection.

Check in with your team

Not only will this keep you connected to your work, it will also give you the face-to-face interaction you may crave when you’re working from home.

Block out distractions

Whether you want to block out the kids or work to a playlist the Galaxy buds keep you in tune anywhere in your home.


What better way to spend your weekend than staying in and binge-watching a new show? Looking for something to sink your teeth into while you kick back and relax?

Even smarter together

With a SmartThings Wi-fi hub and compatible smart lights, dim the lights right from your TV's big screen and you're ready for movie night.

Play from home


Gather the family

Gather the family to watch a light hearted animation, comedy series, or blockbuster movie. Either way, take a break and unwind with the imaginative stories brought to you by the world's greatest storytellers.

Go big at home

Thanks to the rise of streaming services and display technology there is more high-quality content available than ever before. Samsung Smart TVs make it easy to search, access and play your streaming content*. Now grab some snacks and switch on your TV to begin your viewing adventure.

*Internet connection required. Data and other charges may apply.

Share a drink with a friend

Keep in touch with your friends and family via your favourite video call app. Not only can you use your Samsung tablet to chat but also thanks to Samsung Smart View you can cast the conversation to your TV a true face-to-face experience.


While things like cooking and doing the washing can feel like a chore, they are a great way to involve and bond with the family at home. Share a meal and a laugh for some great memories.

Bonds that will last

Colour activities are an effective method of communication between parent and child. Take a step back and allow your kids total freedom in choosing colours and forming their creations.

Live from home


Spark your child's creativity with Colourful therapy

Colour therapy is a great way to stimulate children's creativity and develop their cognitive abilities. Colours can have the power to positively influence our emotions, moods, and even our behaviours. Keep your children inspired and happy by displaying colourful artwork all around your home.

The kitchen is the heart of every home

Cooking with your kids gives them a chance to familiarise themselves with different ingredients. Add fresh fruits to your recipe for a splash of colour therapy. Not only is this teaching kids an important skill but it is a great way to bond around the family fridge.

Wash your clothes overnight

Make the most of your precious time by doing your laundry while you sleep with our range of smart washing machines. With powerful Hygiene Steam Cycles that provide a really deep and hygienic clean.